Puppy to Advanced Group Classes

165.00 for 6/55 minute classes

Group Stay

Group Stay

How To Greet

How To Greet

Never too small

Never too small

Never Too Big

Never Too Big

Never too old

Never too old

"I hear and forget, I see and hear I remember.  However, when I see, hear and do, I understand and succeed."

  • We use Reward Based Training

  • We teach you how to train your dog

  • We help you with behavioral problems

  • Dogs learn to keep their focus on you and not other dogs or people

* Prerequisites;

  • Intermediate needs Puppy/Beginner

  • Advanced needs Intermediate

You can ask for an evaluation to determine if dog is ready to take these class

​     Puppy Basics & Beyond (for puppies 1 year and under)


Beginner "LIFE SKILLS"

(for dogs 1 year and older)


  • We help solve behavioral problems

  • Sit politely for greetings

  • Sit/Stay  Down/Stay

  • Go to your bed Stay

  • Wait for your food, wait by the door

  • Leave It

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Come when called

  • Drop It

  • Eye Contact

Intermediate to Advanced


  • New commands

  • Work off-leash in a group

  • Heel with a Stop, Sit, Down, Stand

  • Assumed Leave It

  • Distance work

  • Out of sight Stays with duration

  • Group Stays

  • Group Recall

  • Learns Left and Right

  • Back-Up

  • Go around at a distance

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