Our Trainers

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Jackie Kelly


I not only have been training dogs and horses for most of my life but also am an accomplished artist.  Having a piece that was used at the White House, and juried into many art shows, my mediums are sculpturing in clay mostly porcelain, welding, mosaics and painting.

I come from a background of raising, training and showing horses.  My dogs were working dogs and I  am  now using that same knowledge and skills to train “City Dogs”.  Dogs I have trained have gone on to win in Agility, Field Work, are used as Service Dogs, many many have received their Therapy Dog certifications, these dogs are working in hospitals, schools and nursing homes and reading programs, some have gone on to work for the Red Cross.  I am  an AKC's CGC (Canine Good Citizen) evaluator.  My training is reward based,  we teach you how to correct issues, you  will be taught to understand why your dog does what he/she does, how to get that focus and bonding.  I use non-traditional equipment to build confidence and trust between you and your dog.  Classes are fun and rewarding,  people have been coming for years to have fun, continuing obedience training, and to keep that lifetime bonding experience   At Jackie's Basics and Beyond Dog Training we offer training sessions for dogs of all ages and levels.  The "Life Skills" classes are taught in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, we SHOW you how execute the training, not just TELL you what to do,  it's a place  where you are more then a customer, you are a friend.

 Rebecca Bullock


Head trainer, Manager, and Event Coordinator at Jackie’s, she is an AKC evaluator, teaches our Puppy to Advanced Classes, Agility 101/Obedience, Trick, Behavior Modification, F.O.O.D. and Private Classes.  Rebecca recently graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors's in Animal Science. Rebecca is one of the qualified trainers that teach the Therapy Dog Class, Puppy/Beginner, Agility 101/Obedience, and Private Classes.  

When Rebecca got Paisley, her first dog,  she brought her to training at Jackie’s and worked with her to certify Paisley as a Therapy Dog. Five years later Rebecca came back to Jackie’s for training with another dog, which then sparked the passion for dog training as a career. First, she started working minimal hours due to still being in school but right after she graduated she was on board to work full time. She now has another dog named Asher and Paisley are both certified by Dogs With A Purpose. Rebecca also has three cats and used to foster for the Wake County Animal Shelter. 

Lynn Williams  


A full-time trainer at Jackie's, she grew up in Raleigh with a passion for animals.  Lynn is an AKC evaluator, she teaches our Puppy to Advanced Classes, Private Classes, Therapy Dog, Competition Obedience, and Rally Classes, she is the coordinator for our Therapy Dog tests. She with her sister  Rhonda bred, raised, trained, and showed Golden Retrievers in fieldwork, confirmation and competition obedience trials.  At only 10 years old Lynn was the charter junior member of the Neuse River Golden Retriever Club.  Today with her two dogs Merlot and Asti she trains and shows them in competition obedience and rally obedience trials through the year.  Merlot at 5 years old has earned his BN, CD, three rally obedience titles, all three AKC CGC titles, and AKC trick titles up to the performer title through the American Kennel Club. Merlot is currently working on his CDX title and has won five legs out of 10 for the RAE rally title.  Asti at 3 years old has earned his BN, RN, and Rally Intermediate title through the American Kennel Club,  all three AKC CGC titles, AKC trick titles up to the Advanced title, and is a certified therapy dog with Dogs with a Purpose.  Asti is currently working on his CD through the American Kennel Club and his Advanced rally title.  Lynn serves as a top trainer and office manager at Jackies Basics and Beyond. 


Jessalyn King


            I am a full-time trainer at Jackie's, an avid dog-lover, aspiring social worker, and recent graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Experimental Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. People often question me, asking “What are you going to do with that degree? You’ll HAVE to go to graduate school to get a job using that field;” however, I proved them wrong! Dog training is pure psychology—operant conditioning to be exact! Although my current living circumstances prevent me from owning or fostering a dog right now, I have fostered several dogs in the past and had a Doberman named Kaiann as a best friend for a little over a decade. 

I am the first to admit that Kaiann was not well trained in a way that caused unnecessary stress in both our lives (stealing food, door dashing, etc.) because both she and I did not know any better. In retrospect, I know that my relationship with my dog could have been improved upon if we had attended just one training session! Although perhaps embarrassing to admit to as a dog trainer, I share that with you because I want to emphasize that my class is a judgement-free place to learn and make mistakes! My specialty is working with family pets by helping both your dog understand your rules and expectations. I teach Puppy Basics and Beyond, AKC Star Puppy, Agility/Obedience 101, Intermediate, and Private lessons. 

Sarah Smith  


Sarah has been working with Jackie for almost 6 years with her two rescue dogs, Butler and Gypsy. Both Butler and Gypsy are certified therapy dogs who also compete in competition obedience and rally. Both Butler and Gypsy have earned their BN, CD, RN, all three AKC CGC titles, and trick titles up to the advance title through the American Kennel Club. You could say Sarah was born into the world of dog training. Sarah learned the importance of dog training at an early age from her mother, Rhonda, who raised, bred, and showed Golden Retrievers and Otterhounds in field work, tracking, confirmation, and  competition obedience. Sarah was also inspired and motivated to compete in obedience from her aunt, Lynn Williams, who is also a dog trainer here at Jackie’s Basics and Beyond. Sarah has always had a passion for animals and has spent most of her life dedicated to rescuing and caring for different animals. She has fostered dogs and cats with a local rescue and from the Wake County Animal Shelter. Sarah has also spent the last 10 years of her life Pet and House Sitting for individuals who go out of town and need their animals to be cared for. While working towards her Masters of Social Work, Sarah completed her internship at the NC State Veterinary Hospital. Sarah offered crisis intervention and grief counseling to those who had to make difficult decisions regarding their beloved pets. Sarah has since graduated from North Carolina State University with her Masters of Social Work and is now working full time at a local non-profit agency.