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Closed:  For Christmas 12/24, 12/25

& 12/26, New Years Eve closes at 3pm, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Eve closes at 1pm, Thanksgiving Day  

For weather or emergency closings, please check our web site, facebook. texts or your email, please feel free to contact us.  

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Calendar lists only the first starting time/day of each class ~ the rest are consecutive ~ example: if the class start on a Saturday at 12pm, that class will meet on Saturday at 12pm for 6 weeks ~  what to do if you need to miss a class, the Terms and Conditions at bottom of page

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Terms and Conditions  

I understand and agree that my class may include agility style training equipment. Jackie’s Basics and Beyond Dog Training LLC, shall not be libel for any injury or damage to any person/persons, child/children or dog/dogs because of behavior of any dog, or use of equipment.  I further agree that Jackie’s Basics and Beyond Dog Training LLC and it’s employees shall not be held libel for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of my dogs participation in the program or on the location and that I will be responsible for any potential damages my dog may do to other pets , people/children and property at any time.  Jackie’s Basics and Beyond Dog Training LLC reserves the right to refuse or terminate training services of any pet at any time.  Children have to be 7 yrs or older to attend classes unless you are in Private Sessions. Children must not disturb or interrupt the training class, play on or use the training equipment, or they will not be allowed to attend the classes.  Once a class has started we do not refund on any classes under any circumstance.  If you find your pet will be suitable in another type of class we will make accommodations to move the dog into a different class one time only.  Your information is confidential, except for disclosures required by law or to prevent lethal or otherwise serious injury to a person/child or another animal. Your e-mail will be used to send the calendar, newsletter, updated information and events.  My dog is up to date on all the following vaccinations as per my vets recommendation: Rabies, Distemper-Parvo, Parainfluenza and Bordetella.

You are able to make up a class missed at any time there is a class of that type in session, but only if you call, text or email that you need to miss that class, you will loose that session if there is no prior communication.  

I understand and agree to terms and conditions

First Class bring current vaccination records. You will need soft treats for training. NO retractable leashes. 

Accept and understand.

Coming to your first class you will need to bring:


1.     Current shot records, or email it to us                    before  your class starts.

2.    SOFT treats,  if dog is only allowed its                   kibble  use  that.

3.    Have dog on a  4' or 6' leash,                                       NO Retractable  leashes allowed,  

        bring your dog  in with the collar or                       harness you use on  your walks.