Behavior Modification



The 6-week Curriculum

Problems and Solutions 



Week One: 

Loose Leash Walking 

  • Leash Pulling, excessive sniffing, putting things in the mouth.

  • Leash pulling/lunging/barking when they see dogs, people,

    squirrels, and other small animals.


Week Two: 

Listening and Engagement Skills

  • Not coming when called, runs out the door, does not listen without a treat

  • Chewing on furniture, grabbing things, and running away with it


Week Three:

Emotional Behavioral Responses Part One

  • When at home, jumping, barking at windows, doors, visitors, nipping.

  • We will be using reward-based training helping dogs to overcome anxiety and stress-related behavioral problems.


Week Four:

Emotional, behavioral responses part two

  • Unwanted Reactions when the dog is on a leash, and you are carrying something.

  • Conquering the fear of Vacuum cleaners, brooms, and loud noises.


Week Five: 

The Fear of Grooming

  •  Fear of nail trimming, brushing.

  •  How to correct dog acting out when towel dried

Week Six: Review, Q & A's