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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

Jackie Kelly


I have been training dogs and horses for most of my life but I am also an accomplished artist. I was invited to make a piece of art work for the White House Christmas Tree, and juried into many art shows, articles in the news papers, magazines, and have been on radio, my mediums are sculpturing in clay mostly porcelain, welding, mosaics and painting.

I come from a background of raising, training and showing horses.  My dogs were working dogs and I am now using that same knowledge and skills to train “City Dogs”.  Dogs I have trained have gone on to win in Agility, Field Work, are used as Service Dogs, many have received their Therapy Dog certifications, these dogs are working in hospitals, schools and nursing homes and reading programs, some have gone on to work for the Red Cross.  I am an AKC's evaluator for all of their titles.  My training is based on working with the intelligence of the dog, we teach you how to correct issues, you will be taught to understand why your dog does what he/she does, how to get focus and how to work as a team.  I use non-traditional equipment to build confidence and trust between you and your dog.  Classes are fun and rewarding,  people have been coming for years to have fun, continuing obedience training, and to keep that lifetime bonding experience.  At Jackie's Basics and Beyond Dog Training we offer training sessions for dogs of all ages, breeds and levels.  Classes are taught in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, we SHOW you how execute the training, not just TELL you what to do.  I have always been a big supporter of small USA entrepreneurs, we offer their products at the Center.  Our goal is that you feel that you are more then a customer, you are a friend.

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